Teaching the Spanish /r/ (tap) Sound

Teaching the Spanish /r/ (tap) Sound

A while ago I came up with a new way to teach a bilingual student the /r/ tap sound in Spanish. This particular student had been substituting a glottal fricative for both the /r/ tap and /R/ trill in Spanish. I tried to get him to produce the /r/ tap in Spanish for over a year. He was just not responding to cues to produce the /r/ tap in Spanish. 

I discovered that he was able to produce the intervocalic tap sound in English words like “meeting.” We were able to shape the production of the /r/ tap in Spanish by practicing real and nonsense words in English containing intervocalic “t” and “d” letters. For example, if I showed him a cue for “mira” (i.e., a picture of eyes with an arrow to show the action) in Spanish, he would not be able to produce it correctly. But if I showed him the words “meet a”, he was able to produce the sound in that context. We practiced several of these for multiple sessions before pairing the English cue with a picture representing the Spanish vocabulary word. In another session I had him practice saying “not Isabel” shortening it to “not Isa” and eventually to “not Is”. After practicing this for several sessions, I added a picture of a nose. Following a short transition period, he was able to start producing the /r/ tap in Spanish targets. He quickly advanced to producing the /r/ tap in Spanish with about 85% accuracy in structured activities. 

I have since used this technique successfully with two additional students who substituted the /r/ tap sound with a /y/ sound and were resistant to other forms of sound approximation or shaping practice.


What are some interesting techniques you have used that have worked for your clients or students?


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